Rolls called and prayers said.

Procedure: supplications against the Earl of Morton; the passing of the signatures continued

Regarding the supplication presented in name of [John Leslie], earl of Rothes craving a signature to be passed upon a comprising of [William Douglas], earl of Morton's lands before any other creditor, in respect his comprising is anterior, and also the supplication presented by Master William Scott of Clerkington and sundry others, the Earl of Morton's creditors, desiring that their signatures may be first completed in respect it was first produced in exchequer, as the said two supplications containing diverse other reasons at more length purport.

The estates of parliament, having taken these supplications and reasons thereof to consideration, they after voicing continue the passing of both the signatures to 17 August next in the same state they were before the production of any of them to the exchequer, at the which time the Earl of Morton is expected to be at home and at that day (or sooner in case the earl come home) the signature to be heard before the parliament or exchequer.

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