Procedure: commission to the Earl of Wemyss

The which day Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall], his highness's advocate, exhibited a commission superscribed by his majesty to [John Wemyss], earl of Wemyss to sit as his highness's commissioner in the assembly to be held at St Andrews, 20 July instant, or in any other place to the which the same shall be translated hereafter.

And in respect of the absence of [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, desired command to be given to Master Robert Scott, his servant, to write the foresaid commission to the great seal and subscribe the same in absence of his master, and to ordain the keepers of the great seal to append the same to the gift so written and subscribed.

Which desire, in respect of the necessity and straitness of time, the estates find reasonable, and therefore appoint Master Robert Scott to write and subscribe the commission and the keeper of the great seal to append the same thereto; concerning which, this commission shall be a sufficient warrant to the said Master Robert and to the keeper of the great seal.

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