Committee Members: committee for ordering the house of parliament
Committee for ordering the house of parliament

The estates grant commission to [William Kerr], earl of Lothian and [James Livingstone], lord Almond for the noblemen, the lairds [Sir Alexander Erskine] of Dun and [Sir William Forbes of] Craigievar for the barons and to [James Fletcher], commissioner of Dundee and [Patrick Leslie, commissioner for] Aberdeen for the burghs, to meet with [John Lyon], earl of Kinghorn for [Gilbert Hay, earl of Erroll], constable, and [John Erskine], earl of Mar for [William Keith, earl Marischal], marischal, with any of the magistrates of Edinburgh, and to think upon such means and rules as are fitting for ordering the house of parliament in the best manner which may be for the decent accommodation of this high court of parliament and avoiding of confusion and noise in their sitting and proceeding, and ordain John Dickson [of Hartree] to attend this committee as clerk to meet and report in face of parliament.

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