Declaration: king's intentions regarding the kirk and kingdom

And that his majesty's gracious favour and bounty may shine more clearly and be the more comfortable when it is extended and applied to the particulars which may conduce for the good of the kirk and kingdom, the said [John Campbell], lord Loudoun did relate some particular testimonies of his majesty's affection and respect to both.

1. He did declare that it is his majesty's royal resolution to maintain the religion and church government of Scotland as it is established by the late assemblies inviolably, without intention of change or alteration.

2. That his majesty is graciously pleased that such churches and stipends of ministers as have not been taken into the consideration of former commissions shall by a new commission be considered, that the teinds of these parishes may be settled according to the order which was formerly taken, and that the ministers' stipends of these kirks may be augmented.

3. Concerning the presentations of ministers to kirks whereof his majesty is patron, his majesty out of his pious disposition intends to take such order by the advice of the general assembly and his council that men of best gifts and qualification may be presented to these churches.

4. Because the colleges and universities are the seminaries of learning, and that they may be the more able to breed men in the way of knowledge and virtue, fit for the service of church and state, his majesty intends to grant some supply to them out of the rents of the late bishops, and for the government of the church that all matters ecclesiastical shall be judged by the general assemblies and other subordinate assemblies of the church.

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