[Supplication of Mr William Cunningham of Brownhill against George Buchanan of that Ilk]

To your lordship and commissioners of shires and burghs, humbly represents I, your servant Master William Cunningham of Brownhill, that where upon the 23, 24 and 25 April the said George Buchanan, fiar of that Ilk, came to a room pertaining to me heritably within the parish of Drymen, called Keptulloche, and with 24 plows daily has cultivated the said room and sown and harrowed the same, intending thereby to put himself in possession thereof in a violent manner. Likewise he has these 12 months bygone constrained my tenants of five or six other rooms lying within the parish of Balfron to make payment to him of their mails and duties most unjustly without any right or title. For the which the said George, being called before the secret council, did not appear but became rebel and so continues as yet. And seeing such violent courses (if they be tolerated and permitted) cannot but produce confusion and break of our union, therefore I beseech your lordship to take the same to your consideration and to provide such remedy therefore as you shall think expedient. And your lordships' answer.

  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'June 11 1640'.