[Petition of James Arnott to the Earl of Argyll]

James Arnott, his petition to [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll

To the right honourable and my very good lord, my lord Earl of Argyll etc., the petition of James Arnott, merchant.

Humbly shows to your lordship that whereas now at this honourable meeting of the estates of parliament presently sitting, I, finding it a convenient time to put your lordship in remembrance regarding the due and satisfaction to be given to me for my ship and ordinance, to the effect your lordship may signify the same to the said estates; as also to deal with them to determine therein in a full number, or otherwise appoint and choose a committee to sit and determine thereupon; and that consideration may be had of the great prejudice and losses sustained by me in the meantime by detaining of the said ship and ordinance from her voyage (according to your lordship's honourable promise) which is likely to turn to my utter ruin and overthrow, so hoping your lordship will have pity and consideration thereof. And your lordship's answer.

9 June 1640

Read by the whole estates and recommended by them to the committee at Edinburgh.

[Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, president, in presence of the lords of parliament

11 June 1640

Read and voted by the parliament and remitted and recommended to the committee at Edinburgh.

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