Procedure: recommendation to the committee of estates
Act 46
Reference in favour of Robert Adair of Kinhilt

In the parliament held at Edinburgh and that session thereof concluded 11 June 1640, regarding the supplication given in to the estates of parliament now convened by Robert Adair of Kinhilt, whereof the tenor follows: The humble petition of Robert Adair of Kinhilt, that where your supplicant in the beginning of this present parliament did represent to his majesty's commissioner and your honours his great suffering in the kingdom of Ireland upon occasion of his constancy in the National Covenant and the necessary services and employments undertaken by him for advancement of the common cause, for the which your said supplicant is indicted upon record and found guilty of high treason, and his estate extending to £550 sterling is now in his majesty's hands and at the deputy's disposing, as also he is debarred from his moveables and sums; all which being by your honours remitted to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], commissioner, his diligence with the king's majesty for redress, whereof there be now little hope, that way your supplicant is forced of new to implore your honours' authority and assistance, and humbly to desire your honours seriously to think upon the most commodious and convenient way for your supplicant's present relief and for the good of his estate thereafter, lest it tend to the utter ruin of him and his house, which has continued these 300 years most loyal to the crown and country, or otherwise, if time cannot permit, to refer your petitioner's cause to some of your number to set down such overtures and remedies for his good and relief as shall be most expedient. Which supplication being read and considered by the said estates, they have recommended and hereby recommend the same, with the supplicant's desire foresaid, to the committee of estates who are appointed by an act of this present parliament to reside at Edinburgh, to be considered by the said committee and thought upon by them for giving answer to the foresaid petition accordingly as they shall find most expedient and convenient after consideration had by them thereof; for doing whereof, the said estates give hereby power and warrant to the said committee.

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