Act 26
Ratification of General [Alexander] Leslie [of Balgonie's] proceedings in 1639

The which day the estates of parliament, convened by his majesty's special authority, remembering the thankful and painstaking service done by General Sir Alexander Leslie in the discharge of his duty and charge as general of the Scots forces, horses and foot, in 1639, by virtue of a commission granted to him by the estates of this kingdom convened in May 1639, therefore they ratify and approve all his proceedings and acts done by him and all those under his command in discharge of their said duty in the said charge, acknowledging that his singular care, vigilance, pains and good government merits a greater reward than this, which is only in their power to confer, that in testimony of their thankfulness the same may be recorded in their public register to remain there as an evident of their obligation to posterity.

Act 27
Ratification in favour of General [Alexander] Leslie [of Balgonie] of his commission to be general in 1640

The which day the estates of parliament, presently convened by his majesty's special authority, considering that forasmuch as the estates of this kingdom convened at Edinburgh, 17 April last, for weighty and important reasons, nominated and elected General Sir Alexander Leslie of Balgonie, knight, to be general of all the Scots forces serving for the common cause, as well horse as foot, which election and commission granted to him of the date foresaid they acknowledge to be done for the well of this kingdom and for his eminent worth deservedly conferred upon him; therefore they, all in one voice, ratify and approve the said election and commission in the whole heads, tenor and contents thereof, with this addition: that the said commission shall be extended to make him general as well by sea as land, with power to him to do everything fitting, according to the tenor of the said commission therein, declaring always, likewise it is hereby declared, that the articles of military discipline mentioned in the said commission are understood to be such as shall be agreed by the whole estates or by the committee from the estates, with consent of the said general, and that the said general shall not engage in war or make capitulation of peace without consent of the said committee of estate, at the least of both the quorums thereof. And the estates, knowing the worth and abilities of Master Robert Meldrum, ordain and appoint the said Master Robert to attend the said lord general to be his secretary.

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