Act 12
Act statutory appointing parliaments to be held once every three years

The estates of parliament, presently convened by his majesty's authority, considering that by reason of his majesty's ordinary residence out of this his ancient and native kingdom, the grievances and complaints of his good subjects cannot have so free and easy access to his ears as the same may be conveniently represented to his majesty's commissioners and estates of parliament from time to time, and how necessary it is that parliaments be kept frequently within this kingdom for preservation of the purity of God's true religion, now by God's providence established within the same, and for the equal and impartial administration of justice to all his majesty's subjects and maintaining of peace and concord amongst them by applying of the true and lawful remedies to their grievances and complaints, and timeous suppression of all abuses and corruptions which otherwise from small beginnings will grow to great disorders (which frequent parliaments were continually observed in this kingdom before his majesty's father of happy memory went into England), have statute and ordained that every three years once at least a full and free parliament shall be held (and more often as his majesty shall be pleased to call them) within the bounds of this kingdom in the most commodious place and convenient time to be thought upon, appointed and affixed by his majesty and his commissioner for the time and the estates of parliament before the ending and closing of every parliament, and to be the last act thereof. And the whole estates wish yet, as it was their happiness to have his majesty's presence at all parliaments until the king had his residence in this kingdom, so that his majesty would be pleased to be present at each parliament, and they humbly supplicate his majesty for that effect.

Act 13
Act regarding production of the registers and records of parliament to the first session of each parliament

The estates of parliament, now presently convened by his majesty's special authority, considering that for the better clearing and resolving of all doubts and difficulties which may arise in parliaments regarding such matters as shall be brought in before them, it is very necessary that they have inspection of the books, registers and records of parliaments as they shall have occasion to make use thereof, have statute and ordained that in all times coming the clerk register and his deputes, and such others who for the time shall happen to have the charge, keeping or power of any of the said registers or records, shall be held to exhibit and produce the same as they shall be required by the estates in time of parliament, that they may have the use and inspection thereof upon all occasions as they shall think expedient for clearing of whatsoever difficulties; and also that the clerk register, or some having power from him and entrusted with the keeping of the registers, shall be present at all times and shall be ready to give extracts to the lieges in their particular affairs upon their reasonable charges and expenses, and both these under the pain of deprivation of the party contravening any of the said members of the acts or to be otherwise more mildly or severely punished as the parliament shall find the fault to demerit.

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