[Supplication of the hat-makers of Edinburgh]

[John Stewart, earl of Traquair], my lord commissioner, to your grace and lords of parliament humbly means and shows we, your servants Thomas Wright, James Wright, Alexander Douglas and other hat-makers of the burgh of Edinburgh, that where it has pleased God by the industry and virtue of diverse skilful persons that have reason within these few years to bring our trade and calling to a greater perfection and more considerable than it has been in any years bygone, whereby we are grown to a greater number than have been within this burgh in preceding ages, which perfection we being not only willing to maintain, but also striving daily to a greater degree of perfection in our said trade, we are greatly hindered and prejudiced by the growth of unskilful people amongst us, which do occasion the lack of good order of government amongst us; therefore we beseech your grace and lordships, for the further advancing of our calling and trade within this burgh and kingdom, to grant to us yearly the liberty of an overseer and guard-master of one of our said trade by the election and appointment yearly of the lord provost, bailies and council of the said burgh, that thereby the disorders of the said trade may be reformed, the lieges better served and our said trade brought to a greater perfection. And your grace and lords' answer we humbly beseech.

27 September 1639

Read, voted and passed in articles, and to begins said year 1639.

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