[Ratifications approved; supplications to be taken into further consideration]

Ratification to [John Lindsay], lord Lindsay2.

Ratification to [Sir William Cockburn], laird of Langton.

Supplication by the Laird of Langton against a fair of Duns read in articles, who appoint the same to be shown to [James Home], earl of Home or [William Home], laird of Ayton.

Supplication by [Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh for the fencing of Falkland read in articles, who appoint the same to be shown to [John Murray], earl of Annandale.

Supplication by John Forrest against [Sir Andrew Fletcher of] Innerpeffer, craving to be put to liberty, read in articles with the answers produced against the same, who appoints the Laird of Innerpeffer or his servant to condescend upon the day when he will insist against the supplicant before the justice or else will give order to put him to liberty.

Supplication by [David Carnegie], laird of Ethie against [Sir James Campbell], laird of Lawers and others, craving restitution of the money taken from him and his lady, read in articles, who appoint Lawers to see the supplication until tomorrow. The bill given to the Laird of Lawers.

[Act regarding the apparel refused; acts continued]

Act ratifying the act of parliament regarding banqueting and apparel, with an addition discharging the wearing of any cloth but such as is woven and dyed at home, read and refused because the same is sufficiently enacted of before.

Act regarding the copper coin, presented by the barons, read in articles and, being long debated by [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], his grace, and lords of articles with some noblemen, barons and merchants called in his grace's presence (and also the act for increasing of gold and silver), continued until tomorrow.

  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'August 31-October 22 1639', f.18(b) v.
  2. John Lindsay had actually been created Earl of Lindsay in May 1633.