[Act regarding apothecaries remitted to Doctor Arnott; ratification approved; acts regarding the privileges of merchants and craftsmen continued; Earl of Mar cited to answer supplication]

Act regarding apothecaries read in articles, who appoint the act to be shown to Doctor Arnott that he may call to him such physicians as he thinks expedient, that they may report again to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the commissioner general, and lords of articles their opinions regarding this act and the expediency thereof and the readiest way of effectuating, and to make the report upon Monday morning next.

Ratification to the weavers of Edinburgh read, voted and passed in articles, the said weavers doing their work as well cheap and timeously as others at the sight of the magistrates and council of the town, reserving the privileges to be granted to manufactories by the commission granted in this parliament for establishing manufactories. And regarding the discharge of the exportation of yarn, remit the same also to the said commission for manufactories as they qualify before the same the expediency and necessity of the said restraint.

Regarding the acts mutually presented by the merchants and craftsmen, continues the same until Monday and Richard Maxwell promised to produce certain seals of causes for clearing this business.

Regarding the supplication presented for the sheriffdom of Dunbarton, desiring seven parishes to be disunited from Stirlingshire and united to Dunbarton, appoints [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir to advertise [John Erskine], earl of Mar to be present to answer thereto upon Monday next.

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