[Ratification approved; ratification to be further considered; act of pacification debated and certain noble members ordered to attend the lord commissioner]

2The foresaid ratification in favour of the tailors, with the conditions and limitations foresaid, read, voted and passed in articles.

Ratification to the weavers of their seal of cause delivered to John Smith [of Grotehill], to be advised with the provost and bailies of Edinburgh until tomorrow at 8 o'clock with their whole writs produced.

Regarding the act of pacification, appoints some noblemen to attend [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the lord commissioner's grace, to speak relating thereto with his grace upon the doubts which may result thereupon, and specially that the restitution of goods may be general to all his majesty's good subjects whatsoever without limitation. Next, that the commission have not absolute power to reject or admit, but be tied to give sentence to all complainers proving their complaint or otherwise the plaintiff may seek redress before the judge ordinary. And these doubts only proposed by the commissioner's grace regarding the statutory part, for his grace declared that he will be heard upon the narrative to declare his reasons for rectifying thereof, or to propose further doubts against the statutory part as they occur to him.

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  2. Written in the margin 'The ratification given back to the tailors with the writs'.