[Overtures from the commissioners of the kirk presented; supplication refused; supplication remitted to the privy council; pursuit against James Gordon]

The commissioners from the church produced certain reasons in writing for the presbyteries' planting of kirks usurped by bishops, which, being read in articles, was delivered to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, together with the act presented.

Supplication by the inhabitants of Orkney and Shetland, craving exemption from the king's taxation because they are tenants of the king's property and pay the worth of the land, read in articles and refused.

Supplication by [James Crichton], laird of Frendraught, craving that [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly should find caution for his sons, kin, friends, men, tenants and servants that Frendraught, his tenants and servants should be free from harm at their hands, as his father was acted before the council; and next the diet assigned for exhibition of James Gordon before [Sir William Elphinstone], justice general, may be changed, and the marquis stand caution for presenting the said James upon 15 days' warning. The articles remit the first part of the said supplication to the secret council and for the second part appoint the parties to be consulted regarding the diet to be assigned for pursuit of the said James Gordon, that thereafter the marquis may declare if he will stand cautioner to that day.

[Supplication remitted to the lord commissioner; commission for surveying the laws approved; supplication remitted to commission for surrenders, teinds and plantation of kirks]

Supplication by the noblemen and gentlemen craving exemption from payment of custom for the ammunition imported. William Dick [of Braid], being present, promised to speak with [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the lord commissioner's grace, and give his answer regarding this tomorrow.

Commission for surveying the laws read, voted and passed in articles.

Supplication by Gordon of Tillyfruskie, craving that the lords of session may be judges to the suspension raised by him against the minister of Birse of a decreet given by the commission for teinds, remitted to the commission now granted for surrenders and teinds.

[Supplication approved; act remitted to the privy council, lords of session and justice general]

Supplication for the register of sasines and reversions to be kept at Dumbarton, according to the act of parliament of 1617, read, voted and passed in articles, the present incumbent getting satisfaction and giving his consent.

Act regarding the bringing in of witnesses who are denounced rebels for not compearance to bear witness before any judge read in articles, who remit the said act to the lords of secret council so far as concerns the witnesses denounced for non-compearance before them, and to the lords of session so far as concerns the witnesses denounced for non-compearance before them, and to [Sir William Elphinstone], justice general, so far as concerns the witnesses denounced for non-compearance before him, and appoints the said judicatories respectively to take course for redress of the prejudice mentioned in the said act and establishing order relating thereto. And recommend also to them to set down order for reasonable satisfaction to witnesses of their expenses.

[Act continued and remitted to certain members; act regarding the apparel to be drawn up; act continued]

Act regarding taking order with rebels and apprehending them in civil business continued to be thought upon, and appoints [Robert Ker, earl of Roxburghe], lord privy seal, [Archibald Campbell, earl of] Argyll and [James Graham, earl of] Montrose, [Sir William Douglas of Cavers], sheriff of Teviotdale, and [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, [Master Alexander Jaffray of Kingswells], provost of Aberdeen, and [Patrick Bell, provost of] Glasgow to speak relating thereto and to meet at 2 o'clock after noon. The act delivered to the lord privy seal.

Act regarding the apparel delivered to [John Leslie], earl of Rothes to be drawn up.

Act discharging privy writings from his majesty to the lords of session continued until after noon.

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