[Act of pacification to be taken into further consideration; protection granted; acts remitted to the burghs]

Act of pacification being read, appoints [John Campbell], lord Loudoun and [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, with such as they please to adjoin to themselves, to meet upon the legal part of the act and advise the same, and that the exception be as general as they think may subsist with the lieges' security. And also appoints them to consider the narrative of the act, that the same may be as fair for the king's honour and containing as ample acknowledgement of his majesty bounty as can be.

Protection in favour of the Laird and Lady Edmonston to 1 November next.

Act discharging the exportation of buck and goat skins, and delivered to John Smith [of Grotehill] for the burghs to see.

Act for erection of steeples read in articles and remitted to the convention of the burghs to take the same into their consideration and present their judgement and overtures relating thereto to the council.

[Act remitted to the committee for the disorders in the north; ratification continued]

Act for bringing in of rebels read in articles, and delivered to [David Carnegie], earl of Southesk, to be considered by the committee granted for settling the peace2.

Ratification of the privileges of barons continued until after noon and delivered to [Sir George Stirling of] Keir.

[Ratification approved; supplication and act to be taken into further consideration]

Ratification to the burghs of their privileges, liberties and immunities read, voted and passed in articles.

Supplication presented by the writers to the signet, craving an act to be made discharging the clerks of burghs to appropriate to themselves the writing and registration of contracts and securities within burgh, ordains to show the same to Master Alexander Guthrie, and for that effect delivered to John Smith [of Grotehill].

Act regarding demolishing cruives and yairs delivered to [Sir Robert Graham of] Morphie.

[Act regarding payment of feu duties by the king's vassals to be drawn up; act amended and approved; supplication read]

Act3 giving option to the king's vassals to pay their feu duties ipsa corpora, or the prices thereof etc., read in articles, who appoint an act to be drawn up ordaining that no act made in exchequer shall prejudice the feuars' infeftments in their reddendo. And the act given to [Sir George Stirling of] Keir.

Act regarding the expenses of the commissioners of shires read, voted and passed in articles and modifies £5 for each day from the first day of the riding of the parliament to the last day of the riding inclusive. And thereafter the act given to Keir to be advised until after noon regarding those who shall be liable in payment of the said expenses.

Supplication by the gentlemen of Midlothian, craving precedency in vote and riding before the other shires.

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