[Commission for surrenders, teinds and plantation of kirks revived; membership remitted to the king; supplication for registration of sasines approved]

The articles recommend to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the commissioner's grace, to represent to his majesty that it is thought fitting by the estates that the commission for surrenders and tithes and plantation of kirks etc. be revived and renewed; and ordain [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], advocate, to draw up the commission as it was in 1633, being only blank in the persons, for filling up whereof appoint every estate to give in a list of persons sitting to be judges to the commissioner's grace to be shown to his majesty, that his majesty may nominate and fill up the names of those to whom the commission is granted.

Supplication by the gentlemen and commons of Argyll, craving that [Sir John Hay of Bara], clerk register, may appoint a depute for registration of sasines and reversions of that sheriffdom to reside at Inveraray, read, voted and passed in articles, the present depute who is provided thereto formerly by the clerk register being satisfied.

[Supplication and act remitted to the lords of session; act ordered to be amended; executions made by deprived messengers]

Supplication for trial of notaries and messengers read in articles and remitted to the lords of session.

Act regarding heritable bonds appointed to be shown to the lords of session and sent to them.

Act which formerly ordained all processes of £100 to be pursued before the defender's judge ordinary and discharging advocations is appointed to be altered, so that it shall be arbitrary to the lieges to pursue the said actions either before inferior or superior judges, discharging advocations thereof if they be once intended before an inferior judge, except for the members of session and council.

Act annulling executions made by deprived messengers and ordaining letters of horning to be directed upon the lyon, his decreets of deprivation for malversation, read, voted and passed in articles.

[Commission of justiciary to be taken into further consideration; act remitted to the privy council; act refused]

Commission of justiciary to [Thomas Forbes], laird of Waterton for the River Ythan, delivered to [James Lyon of] Auldbar to see until after noon.

Act for building the tolbooth of Clackmannan, remitted to the council.

Act for setting down a tax roll of that part of the lordship of Lindores to the north of the mount, called the barony of Logie Fintry, read and refused.

[Acts to be taken into further consideration; act regarding the keepers of castles refused; supplication ordered to be drawn up]

Act regarding the compearance or exhibition of witnesses, delivered to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], advocate, to be advised until after noon.

Act dismembering seven parishes from Stirlingshire and adjoining them to Dunbarton, appoints the same to be shown to [John Erskine], earl of Mar and [William Graham, earl of] Airth, and they to be heard thereupon.

2Act regarding the keepers of the castles of Edinburgh, Stirling and Dumbarton, that the same may only be entrusted to natives of good quality who shall make faith etc., and be chosen from time to time by advice of the estates, read and refused by [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the lord commissioner's grace, and redelivered to [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir that he may draw up by way of supplication whatsoever is fitting to be represented to his majesty.

[Supplication recommended to the king; supplication to be taken into further consideration]

Supplication by the parishioners of Dumfries, craving that his majesty may be petitioned to grant the presentation of the benefice of Dumfries to Master James Hamilton, read in articles and recommended to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the commissioner's grace, to be represented to his majesty.

Supplication by Edward Spencer, currier3, against the town of Edinburgh delivered to Richard Maxwell until after noon.

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  2. Written in margin 'Delivered to [Sir George Stirling of] Keir'.
  3. Defined in OED as one whose trade is the dressing and colouring of leather after it is tanned.