[Act regarding the hiring of horses and boats; act to be taken into further consideration]

Act regarding the hiring of horses for 18d the mile for the first day and a half merk for every day until the homecoming, and if they return the first day to pay half price for the return, and the general postmaster to appoint his deputes in every town and convenient place who shall see that the keepers of horses exact nothing above the price prescribed; and if they fail in doing their duty, the magistrates of the burghs shall take order to see this law put in execution, and that the subjects be served, according to this act, upon the complaint of any interested party. And declare that it shall be lawful and free for all persons to keep horses for hiring, and this act only for journey horses. And ordains the stabler's measure to be according to the market measure, and that the stabler shall have 20d of advantage of each peck more than the price which the magistrates shall set down for the prices of corn quarterly, and shall affix the same upon boards in public places within the town. And ordains no stabler to have any measure but that which shall be burnt and marked with the dean of guild's mark. With power to the magistrates to search the stablers that they furnish the lieges with oats worth the price, and the magistrates shall also set down quarterly the price of straw and hay, how much shall be taken for each 24 hours or 12 hours and affix the same publicly with the price of the corn. And the magistrates to be answerable to the council for the whole omission in the premises. And the prices above-written to stand for stable fee.

Act appointing the hire of boats at Burntisland and Kinghorn to be as follows: 36s for small boats, £3 for middling boats and £5 for the greatest boat; and 6s for horse and man, and 2s for each man or woman. And at Queensferry and Dundee: the best boat 36s and the lesser boats 18s and yoles2 12s; price for horse and man 3s, footman 1s. And appoints [Sir John Leslie of] Newton, [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, younger, Arthur Erskine and Sandford Nairn, [Sir David Graham], laird of Fintry, Master James Durham, younger, constable of Dundee, and magistrates of Dundee to meet at Dundee, and Fintry to be convener, to see that there be good boats sufficiently provided and set down order relating thereto both for Dundee and for Broughty, and set down orders for the prices of Broughty. And also a commission to be granted for Clyde and the tributaries thereof, to [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall, [Sir Ludovic Houston of] Houston, [John Shaw of] Greenock, [Sir Patrick Maxwell of] Newark, [William Semple of] Fulwood, [John Brisbane of] Bishopton, [Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston], justice clerk, with the magistrates of Glasgow, Dumbarton and Renfrew, to meet at Dumbarton, and Blackhall to be convener, and all the commissions to have four for the quorum.

Act prohibiting the importation or selling of made work being read, appoints every estate to be advised thereupon until after noon.

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  2. Defined in DSL as a small, undecked two-masted fishing-boat, pointed fore and aft with a jib sail.