[Supplication remitted to the judge ordinary; additional act regarding the constitution of parliament presented; protest against]

[Edward Hamilton], laird of Silvertonhill's supplication remitted to the judge ordinary.

[John Campbell], lord Loudoun, with some noblemen, barons and burgesses, in name of the remainder of their number, desired that the article formerly given in regarding the constitution of parliaments in time coming may be redelivered back again, and next produced a new act and frame of article and desired answer thereto, and that the same should be read and voted in articles. Thereafter produced a protestation in writing, bearing that they part from the article as it was produced and disclaimed the reference written upon it, and protested that the same be not presented to the parliament, but that the article given in this day for constitution of parliaments may be read and either allowed or disallowed in articles as it stands; and in case the same be not granted or allowed, that the same be heard in plain parliament with their protestation, and thereupon asked instruments. And [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], his majesty's advocate, in name of his majesty and [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], his commissioner's grace, protested in the contrary and that the article formerly produced and voted be only presented in parliament.

[Commissions approved; patent for the pearl discharged; act approved; noble membership of commission for manufactories to be decided]

Commission for trying the plundering committed in the barony of Tannadice read, voted and passed in articles.

Commission for manufactories read, voted and passed in articles.

Article regarding the discharge of the patent of pearl read, voted and passed in articles in manner following: that it shall be lawful to all persons to fish pearls in all waters of this kingdom, and to sell the same to whatsoever person they please, and none to be prohibited or restrained by the said patent; and the time of fishing to be June, July and August; and all the power of holding courts and punishing the contraveners of the patent, discharged. And an act to be made hereupon.

The act regarding the vassals of small portions of land, ordaining their sasine to be taken upon a precept to be contained in the signature only to be registered in the treasurer's register, or otherwise in the option of the party upon a precept under the quarter seal forth of the chancellery, passed in articles to be presented to the parliament, together with the opinion and judgement of some lords of session and lawyers relating thereto.

Memorandum, the noblemen promised to condescend upon the names of their 12 who are to be inserted in the commission for the manufactories tomorrow.

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