[Draft acts to be brought in; supplication remitted to the burghs; supplication remitted to the king]

[John Leslie], earl of Rothes promised to produce after noon some draft of the act of pacification and act of relief.

The supplication and article presented by the coalmasters, for discharging the impost exacted by the conservator upon coal, given to John Smith [of Grotehill], to be communicated to the burghs, that after noon he may report their answer and produce the acts granted in favour of the conservator for exacting any imposts.

The supplication presented by the saltmasters craving that the new patent of salt granted in England may not be prejudicial to them, but the prejudice redounding to them by that new patent represented to his majesty, recommended to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], commissioner general, to be represented to his majesty with all humility, as a matter greatly concerning this kingdom.

[Subcommittee appointed for the book of rates; act regarding small vassals amended and renewed]

Appoints [William Drummond of] Riccarton, [Thomas Crombie of] Kemnay, [Sir John Home of] Blackadder and [Sir William Douglas of Cavers], sheriff of Teviotdale, [Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh, [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, [John Campbell, lord] Loudoun, [Alexander Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow, John Semple [of Stainflett], with any two the burghs please to appoint, or any two of each estate, to meet this day and peruse the act of parliament regarding the blue book of rates and to inform themselves regarding the abuses committed by the transgressors thereof and ways to remedy the same and to report the same tomorrow. The Earl of Linlithgow convener.

The act passed in favour of his majesty's vassals of small portions of land renewed with this addition: that it shall be arbitrary to the lieges to accept a precept from [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of chancellery, under the quarter seal; for the price whereof modifies 40s to be paid to the director of the chancellery for writing, wax, parchment and all expenses.

[Act approved; article recommended to the king]

Act ordaining precepts of poinding directed by the bailie depute of the quarter of St Andrews within the bounds of the barony of Torry to have execution at the market cross of Torryburn.

Article desiring that his majesty may be pleased to keep Scotsmen about the prince, recommended to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the commissioner's grace, to be humbly and earnestly represented to his majesty.

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