[Ratification approved; business remitted to the judge ordinary; instruments taken]

Ratification to [James Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton and James Maxwell of the gift of the minerals.

Supplication presented by [James Crichton], laird of Frendraught, craving reparation of the wrong and restitution of the goods taken from him and his tenants by [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly, his men, tenants and servants, [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], lord commissioner general, and articles find the marquis debtor for restitution of the goods taken before the treaty of peace and after the pacification, the supplication being proven. And for the goods taken during the time of trouble, the lords will have consideration thereof when the common course shall be taken; and refuse to recommend but only remit the pursuit of the particulars relevantly libelled to the judge ordinary. And for the particular which infringes upon the marquis's honour, ordain Frendraught to prove the same, which Frendraught promised to prove2 upon Monday next, and desired a warrant for summoning the friend who can prove the same. And for the caution for indemnity in time coming, ordain Frendraught to educe the act of caution already found, that if the same be not sufficient it may be remedied. The Marquis of Huntly asked instruments of the tenor and contents of this supplication produced by Frendraught and that he abided by the whole bill and undertook to prove the same, and protested that the whole bill be inserted in the instruments.

[Supplication approved; subcommittee appointed for the disorders in the north; supplication remitted to the privy council]

Supplication by Sir Donald Gorme and others, craving a command to advocates to compear for them against [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll, read and passed.

Appoints [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly, [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll, [William Keith, earl] Marischal, [James Graham, earl of] Montrose, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk, [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir, [Sir Robert Innes of] Innes and [Master Alexander Jaffray of Kingswells], provost of Aberdeen, to meet with [John Erskine], earl of Mar, [William Graham, earl of] Airth, [John Drummond, earl of] Perth, [Patrick Murray, earl of] Tullibardine, [George MacKenzie, earl of] Seaforth, [James Ogilvie], lord Ogilvie, [William Forbes], master of Forbes, [Sir William Forbes], laird of Craigievar, [John Forbes of] Leslie, [Thomas Crombie of] Kemnay, [Campbell of] Lawers, younger, [Thomas Fraser of] Strichen, Master Roger Mowat and Master James Baird to treat upon overtures concerning the settling of the present disorders in the north and securing the peace in time to come, to meet upon Monday next at 6 o'clock in the over exchequer house and to report on Tuesday; and the Marquis of Huntly to be convener.

The supplication presented by the town of Wigtown against [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway, recommended to the council in so far as is competent to be pursued before them.

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