[Supplications remitted to the privy council; consideration of supplication delayed]

Supplication from the inhabitants of Shetland, craving that a sheriff depute may be appointed to reside there and their wardhouse built, recommended and remitted to the council.

Supplication by [Wallace of] Craigie-Wallace against the town of Ayr ordered to be shown to the provost of Ayr that he may be heard thereupon, and thereafter [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], commissioner general, and articles will take into their consideration what answer shall be given thereto the supplication given to Master Robert Barclay.

Supplication by Alexander Elliott, craving liberty to make tobacco pipes, remitted to the council.

[Supplication debated; instruments taken]

Regarding the supplication given in by the noblemen and gentlemen of the north, craving that [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly should be declared answerable for John Dowgar and his accomplices, the supplicants and the marquis being present with their procurators, the marquis asked instruments that the supplicants produced certain articles for clearing the supplication, which he desired may at length be inserted in the instruments and protested for remedy of law. And Sir Lewis Stewart for him asked instruments that the names of the particular person complainers are not specified, but that it is acknowledged in the supplication that the persons grieved are not present.

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