Procedure: commission for constituting his highness's commissioner to the general assembly of the kirk and parliament

The said Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall], his majesty's advocate, produced a commission under his highness's great seal to the said John [Stewart], earl of Traquair etc., making and constituting the said earl his highness's commissioner for holding of this present parliament, as commissioner for his majesty therein, whereof the tenor follows:

[Abstract:] The king appoints John, earl of Traquair, lord Linton and Caberston, principal treasurer, as the king's commissioner to the general assembly of the kirk (12 August instant) and parliament (26 August instant). Under the great seal at Whitehall, 5 August 1639, 15th year of the reign.

Upon the production and reading of the which commission, the said Sir Thomas Hope, advocate to our sovereign lord, asked instruments and took up the foresaid commission.

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