Procedure: preamble

Parliament of the most excellent prince Charles, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France and Ireland and defender of the faith, held at Edinburgh on 26 August 1639 by his commissioners written below, specially appointed thereto by virtue of a commission under testimony of the great seal given at Whitehall on 20 August instant, namely, John [Drummond], earl of Perth, John [Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, David [Carnegie], earl of Southesk, Alexander [Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone, Archibald [Napier], lord Napier, and Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, advocate of our supreme lord the king, with William Dick of Braid, provost of Edinburgh, Master Robert Hay, advocate, for the constable, Arthur Straiton, scribe, for the Earl Marischal, Sir John Dalmahoy of that Ilk, principal sheriff of Edinburgh, and John Milne, dempster.

With the suits having been called and the court lawfully fenced.

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