Act in favour of Master Robert Gordon of Straloch

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of parliament presently convened, by the tenor hereof, ratifies, approves and confirms the letter of tack and assedation, of the date at Dunblane, 6 October 1630, made, set and granted by Adam [Bellenden], bishop of Dunblane, titular of the teind sheaves of the towns, lands and others underwritten sometime pertaining to the priory of Monymusk as a part of the patrimony and benefice thereof, and now annexed to the said bishopric of Dunblane by an act of parliament, with advice and consent of the dean and chapter of the cathedral kirk of Dunblane, to Master Robert Gordon of Straloch, his male heirs and assignees, of all and sundry the whole teind sheaves of the towns, lands and others respectively underwritten, namely: of all and whole the lands, living and barony of Lynturk, town and lands of the mains thereof and mill lands of the same, town and lands of the Newtoun thereof, town and lands of Farmton, town and lands of Little Lynturk, town and lands of Claymill, town and lands of Drumdaig, croft of land of Bridgend, whole parts, pendicles and pertinents thereof, lying within the parish of Leochel, the said priory of Monymusk and sheriffdom of Aberdeen, for the space and years and for payment of the yearly duty mentioned and contained in the said letter of tack, in the whole heads, articles, clauses, conditions and circumstances contained therein, and admits this present ratification to be as valid and sufficient as if the said letter of tack were at length engrossed herein; concerning which, his majesty and the said estates of parliament, by this ratification, dispense for ever, and ordain an act of parliament to be extended thereupon in due form, and this ratification to be a sufficient warrant relating thereto and for inserting of the same in the register and books of parliament.

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