Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The same day compeared Sir Thomas Thomson of Duddingston, knight, and protested that the ratification granted in this present parliament in favour of Sir James Hamilton of Priestfield, knight, regarding the dismembering of the said lands of Priestfield and inhabitants thereof from the parish kirk and parish of St Cuthberts, and uniting and annexing of the same to the kirk and parish of Duddingston, should in no way be hurtful nor prejudicial to him, but that, notwithstanding of the said ratification, the said lands and inhabitants within the same may be subject and liable in payment of their part of the minister's provision and other burdens belonging to the said kirk proportionately with the rest of the said parish of Duddingston. Which protestation his majesty, with advice and consent of the said estates, has admitted and admits. Whereupon the said Sir Thomas Thomson asked acts and instruments.

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