Act in favour of Master Walter Whitford

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ordain a ratification to be made therein to and in favour of his highness's beloved Master Walter Whitford, one of his majesty's chaplains, ratifying, approving and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually confirming the act made in his highness's parliament held at Edinburgh, 4 August 1621, whereby our late deceased sovereign lord of worthy memory and estates of the said parliament not only ratified and approved the gift and provision granted by our said late deceased sovereign lord of worthy memory under the great seal, of the date at Windsor, 30 August 1619, to the said Master Walter Whitford of the benefice of the ministry of Failford, with the assignation made to him of the whole mails, ferms, feu ferms, kanes, customs, casualties, profits and duties of the temporality of the said benefice during his lifetime, but also have dissolved from the crown and patrimony thereof all and sundry towers, fortalices, lands, mills, woods, fishings, annualrents, tenements, patronages and others whatsoever pertaining of old to the benefice of the said ministry of Failford and formerly annexed to the crown as said is, and united and annexed the same of new again to the said ministry of Failford in the same manner as they were before the said annexation of the same to the crown, to the effect the same, with the mails, ferms, feu ferms, kanes, customs, superiorities, casualties, profits and duties whatsoever may be enjoyed and peaceably possessed by the said Master Walter Whitford, present minister of Failford, and after his decease by his successors, ministers of Failford, as also the letters of gift following thereon, and upon the said Master Walter's resignation made, given and granted by our said sovereign lord that now reigns, with advice of his highness's treasurer principal and depute and other lords of his highness's exchequer of Scotland, his majesty's commissioners, to the said Master Walter Whitford for all the days of his lifetime of all and whole the benefice and ministry of Failford above-specified, with all honours, dignities, privileges, immunities, commodities and casualties pertaining and belonging to the said benefice, with all and sundry lands, baronies, towers, fortalices, manor places, houses, buildings, yards, orchards, mills, woods, fishings, rents, annualrents, teinds, kirks, teind sheaves, great and small ferms, feu ferms, kanes, customs, profits, emoluments and duties whatsoever pertaining and belonging to the said benefice and ministry of Failford, as well spirituality as temporality thereof, wherever the same lie within this realm, containing ample powers, liberties and privileges contained in the said letters of gift, as the same under his majesty's great seal of the date at Whitehall, 10 February 1627 at more length bears, with the procuratories and instruments of demission and resignation whereupon the said gift proceeded, and with the instruments of institution and possession following thereupon, and all decreets accordingly recovered thereupon, of whatsoever dates, tenors and contents the same be of, in all and sundry the heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions therein contained and after the forms and tenors thereof in all points; and will and grant and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually decree and ordain that this present ratification of the said acts of dissolution and gift and others specially and generally above-written is and shall be of as great strength, force and effect to the said Master Walter Whitford for possessing of the said benefice, whole honours, dignities, casualties, lands, heritages, baronies, kirks, teinds and others above-specified belonging thereto as if the same whole rights specially and particularly above-written were all at length ratified and contained herein; concerning which, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament have dispensed and by this ratification dispense for ever, and that the said ratification be further extended with all clauses necessary.

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