Act in favour of [John Campbell], lord Loudoun

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, by this act, ratifies and approves the act of the commissioners for surrenders and teinds of the date 29 July 1631, whereby and for the causes onerous therein contained they found it fit and expedient, and concluded and ordained, that his highness's right trusty cousin John, lord Loudoun and his successors should have the right of patronage of the new erected kirk, called the kirk of the Muir, with the presentation of the ministers serving thereat, and humbly entreated and requested his majesty to approve the proceedings of the said commissioners and to erect the said kirk of the Muir in a separate kirk and parish and to convey the heritable right of the patronage, advocation and donation of the said kirk to the said lord Loudoun, his male heirs and successors. And likewise humbly requested his sacred majesty and estates of this present parliament to ratify and approve the said act with the right and infeftment of patronage to be given by his majesty in favour of the said Lord Loudoun, and to grant to the said Lord Loudoun and his foresaids such further warrant and security relating thereto as may stand with law and justice in all points, articles and clauses therein contained after the form and tenor thereof. And declares, statutes and ordains that this present ratification thereof is, and shall be, as sufficient in all respects as if the same were at length inserted herein, dispensing hereby with the not inserting thereof. And likewise his majesty, with consent foresaid, by this act of new unites and erects the said kirk of the Muir and parish thereof in a separate and distinct parish kirk and parish by itself, and ordains an infeftment to be granted by his majesty under the great seal to the said Lord Loudoun, his male heirs and assignees of the advocation, donation and right of patronage of the said kirk of the Muir, to be held of his majesty and his successors in free blench for yearly payment of one penny Scots at the feast of Whitsunday [May/June] in name of blench ferm if it be asked only; and ordains this ratification to be a sufficient warrant to the clerk register and his deputes to extend an act of parliament hereupon in due form.

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