Act in favour of [Archibald Campbell], lord Lorne

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the commission granted by the lords of his majesty's secret council, of the date 21 April 1625, to Archibald, lord Lorne and certain of his friends therein nominated against the rebels therein named of the Clan Ian and all their assisters and accomplices; as also the act made in presence of the said lords of his majesty's secret council of the date 28 July 1625, whereby the said lords (in respect of a report in writing given in before them by the said Archibald, lord Lorne of his whole proceedings in the execution of the said commission) found and declared that the said Archibald, lord Lorne did very worthily and dutifully behave and carry himself in the execution of the said commission and thereby answered the trust and credit which was reposed in him and, therefore, ratified and approved and allowed the said Lord Lorne's whole proceedings in his service foresaid, and discharged him thereof in all points, articles and clauses therein contained, after the forms and tenors thereof, and declares and ordains this present ratification thereof to be as good and sufficient in all respects as if the same were at length and word by word inserted and engrossed herein, dispensing hereby with the not inserting thereof in this present ratification. And likewise his majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, by this act of new, ratifies, approves and allows the said Archibald, lord Lorne and his said friends their whole proceedings in the service foresaid and exonerates and discharges him and his said friends of their whole proceedings in the said service and in the execution of the foresaid commission for now and ever, ordaining this ratification to be a sufficient warrant to the clerk register and his deputes for extending of an act of parliament hereupon in due and competent form.

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