Act in favour of [John Murray], earl of Annandale

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, by this act ratifies and approves the letter of gift made and granted by his majesty under the privy seal of the date at Hampton Court, 2 October 1630, whereby his majesty gave, granted and conveyed to his highness's right trusty cousin and councillor John, earl of Annandale, viscount of Annan, lord Murray of Lochmaben, during all the days of his lifetime, and to James [Murray], lord Annan, his eldest lawful son, and to either of them successively during all the days of their lifetimes, the keeping of the hills and lomonds of Falkland, with the muir called the New Park adjacent thereto within the whole bounds, meiths and marches thereof, mentioned in the said letters of gift, together with the whole parts, pendicles and pertinents of the said hills and muirs lying within the sheriffdom of Fife, with the privileges and liberties therein mentioned in all and sundry points, heads, articles and clauses contained therein after the form and tenors thereof, and declares, statutes and ordains this present ratification thereof is, and shall be, as valid and lawful in all respects as if the same were at length inserted herein, dispensing hereby with the not inserting thereof. And also finds, declares, statutes and ordains that the said letters of gift and this present ratification thereof are, and shall be, sufficient right and security to the said Earl of Annandale and his said son, the longest liver of them two, for the peaceable possessing and enjoying of the foresaid office, with the privileges and liberties thereof mentioned in the said letters of gift during the space above-expressed.

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