Act in favour of Alexander [Stewart], lord Garlies

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this realm convened together in parliament, has ratified and approved and by this act ratifies and approves a charter made and granted by his majesty to and in favour of his highness's trusty cousin Alexander, lord Garlies, of the date 26 March 1531, of all and whole the lands of Burrowmoss, Culquhirk, Braidfield, Clauchrie, Kirvennie, Gallowhill and meadow, called Phillip Meadow, with mills, woods, fishings, multures and sequels thereof and fishings in the flood of Bladnoch and pertinents of the same, lying within the parish and sheriffdom of Wigtown, together with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon and whole rights whereupon the same proceeded in the whole heads, articles, clauses, circumstances and conditions thereof. And our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this realm, decrees and ordains that the said infeftment and rights whereupon the same proceeded of the lands, mills, woods, fishings and others above-written, granted to the said Alexander, lord Garlies in manner foresaid are, and shall be in all time coming, sufficient rights and grounds and titles whereby he and his said male heirs and assignees whatsoever shall hold, enjoy and possess the same in all time coming, and declares this present confirmation and ratification of the said infeftment to be as good, valid and effectual as if the same had been at length inserted in this present ratification. And his majesty, with consent foresaid, dispenses hereby therewith for ever, and ordains this ratification to be a sufficient warrant for making of an act in the said parliament according to the order used in the like.

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