Procedure: protest; asking of instruments
Protestation by his majesty regarding the coin

Our sovereign lord, being sitting in his royal person with his estates in parliament, declared and protested that albeit his majesty had at this time, for certain occasions moving his majesty, remitted the consideration of the matter of coin and money and others of that nature which are merely of his majesty's prerogative royal to the lords of his majesty's secret council, yet the consenting thereto by his majesty at this time should not be prejudicial to his majesty and his successors in his and their prerogative royal, but that his majesty might assume the managing and ordering thereof to himself without consent of the estates as being matters merely pertaining to his majesty by his prerogative royal, to the which protestation and declaration the whole estates assented. Whereupon Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, his majesty's advocate, asked instruments.

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