Commission regarding the coin etc.

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, taking to their consideration the particular articles following presented by the commissioners of the shires, namely: first touching the scarcity of his majesty's coin, both of gold and silver, of this kingdom and of the frequent course of dollars and base copper money whereby his majesty's lieges sustain great prejudice. Item, that a penalty be set down upon the breakers of the acts of parliament made regarding mets and measures. Item, to set down in the book of rates a price to the clerk of the bills for allowance of comprisings; has remitted, and remits, the same to the lords of his majesty's privy council, and gives and grants full power, authority and commission to the said lords to appoint and set down such settled course and remedy regarding the premises as they shall find most expedient for the well and benefit of his majesty's lieges, and finds and declares that what the said lords of privy council shall find expedient relating thereto shall have the force, power and strength of an act and decreet of parliament.

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