The which day the commission and instructions underwritten, being presented to the lords of his majesty's privy council and commissioners foresaid and read in their audience, the same commission and instructions were allowed, approved and completed by them, of the which the tenor follows:

Commission for the treaty of the fishing

Our sovereign lord, considering the great blessing wherewith it has pleased God to enrich his majesty's dominions of Scotland, England and Ireland in the abundance and plenty of fish upon all the coasts of the same and how that the benefit thereof is reaped for the most part by strangers, to the great disparagement and prejudice of his majesty's loving subjects, which being a matter concerning his majesty's honour and the good and strength of his whole dominions, his majesty has resolved that the said fishings shall be undertaken by his own subjects and that the same shall be prosecuted and ordered by common council and endeavour; therefore, and for the better furtherance and accommodating of this great and important work, ordains a letter to be made under his majesty's great seal making and constituting, likewise his majesty, by the tenor hereof, makes and constitutes his majesty's right trusty and well-beloved cousins and councillors William [Douglas], earl of Morton, lord Dalkeith and Aberdour, lord high treasurer of this kingdom, William [Graham], earl of Menteith, lord Graham and Kilpont, president of his majesty's privy council, James [Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton, earl of Arran and Cambridge, lord Aven and Innerdale, Robert [Ker], earl of Roxburghe, lord Ker of Cessford, and his right trusty cousin John [Stewart], earl of Carrick, lord Kinclaven, his majesty's right, trusty and well-beloved councillor, Sir William Alexander of Menstrie, knight, his majesty's principal secretary of the kingdom of Scotland and his majesty's right trusty and well-beloved Master John Hay and Master George Fletcher, or any five of them, his majesty's commissioners to the effect underwritten, giving, granting and committing to them (or any five of them jointly as said is) full power, warrant and authority, express bidding and charge to convene and meet at such times and in such places as it shall please his majesty to appoint with certain selected commissioners nominated or to be nominated and authorised by his majesty for England according to the tenor of their commission in that behalf, or as the said commissioners shall agree upon among themselves, and to confer and treat in all and every thing that may concern the intended association for undertaking the said common fishings, companies thereof and government of the same and upon all and every thing that shall occur and result in the said treaty concerning the said fishings or depending thereupon, and with absolute power to conclude therein, having his majesty's special approbation thereto, providing always that nothing to be done or concluded therein shall be prejudicial or derogatory to the laws, liberties and privileges of this kingdom and crown thereof; and that this commission be a warrant to [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, for completing of this commission at the chancellery and that the same be a warrant for appending the great seal thereto without any further precepts to be directed thereupon. Given at Holyroodhouse, 11 November 1630. Subscribed: George [Hay, viscount of Dupplin], chancellor, [John Spottiswood, archbishop of] St Andrews, [Thomas Hamilton, earl of] Haddington, [George Seton, earl of] Winton, [Alexander Lindsay, bishop of] Dunkeld, [Adam Bellenden, bishop of] Dunblane, [Robert Melville, lord] Melville, [Sir John] Hamilton [of Magdalens], Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall].

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