Act regarding presenting of plaiding to markets

Regarding the grievance given in by the burghs touching the prejudice sustained by them through the presenting of plaiding to markets in rolls whereby the insufficiency thereof is concealed from the buyers, to their great hurt, the estates remit this matter and the ordering thereof to his majesty's council upon the first council day of February 1631, and ordain [Thomas Erskine], laird of Pittodrie who was personally present to make intimation hereof to the commissioners for the sheriffdom of Aberdeen to be chosen at Michaelmas [11 November] next, to the intent they may make choice of a commissioner to be directed to the council to attend this business the day foresaid; certifying them if they compear not, that his majesty's council will take such order for remedying the abuse as after consideration of the business they shall think fitting. The commissioners for the burghs being present are warned in the acts.

The estates remit to his majesty's council the order to be taken for remedying of the abuse regarding yarn and skins.

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