Regarding the coin

And touching the article towards the raising of the prices of the coin, the estates find this to be a matter which requires good advice and deliberation and which cannot be summarily digested at this meeting as the importance of the cause requires. Therefore, the estates nominate the earls [John Leslie, earl of] Rothes, [John Lyon, earl of] Kinghorn and [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [James Ross], lord Ross, [John Hay, lord] Yester, [John Campbell, lord] Loudoun, [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino and [David Carnegie, lord] Carnegie, or any four of them, for the nobility; the bishops [Andrew Lamb, bishop of] Galloway, [David Lindsay, bishop of] Brechin and [John Abernethy, bishop of] Caithness, or any two of them, for the clergy; the lairds [Sir Archibald Stirling of] Keir, [Sir John Stewart of] Traquair, [Sir William Grierson of] Lag, [Sir John Charteris of] Amisfield, [Sir James Learmonth of] Balcomie, [Sir Alexander Nisbet of] West Nisbet, Sir James Dundas [of Arniston] and Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick, or any four of them, for the small barons; and the commissioners to be appointed by the burghs of Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow, to convene and meet with his majesty's council upon the last council day of February, to confer, treat and reason upon the good and expediency of this article to the intent a report may be made of their opinions to his majesty.

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