Ratificatione of the gift of the chalmerlanrie off Fyiff grantit to umquhile Schir James Hay

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratifies, apprevis and, for his hienes and his successouris, perpetuallie confermis the chartour under the greit seill of the kingdome off Scotland and heretable infeftment maid and grantit to umquhile Schir James Hay of Kingask, knycht, comptroller of the said kingdome for the tyme, his airis male and assigneyis heritablie and irredimablie off all and haill the heretable office of chalmerlanrie of the erledome and lordschip of Fyiff within the said realme of Scotland, togidder with all and quhatsumevir fies and dewties belanging to the samen office, haill proffittis, priviledges and commodities thairof, and namelie the soume of twa hundreth pundis Scottis money, twa chalderis quheit and twa chalderis beir dew thairfore and for administring and using the said office contenit in the said heritable infeftment yeirlie, to be upliftit and takin up furth of the first and reddiest maillis, fermes, rentis and dewties of the said lordschip and erledome of Fyiff; and als the infeftment heritable of the samen office, fees and dewties maid and grantit to James, viscount of Doncaster, lord Hay of Sawley, heritable proprietar thairof, with all richt, tytill, entres and clame of richt quhilk the said umquhile Schir James Hay of Kingask, knycht, his airis maill and assigneyis or the said James, viscount of Doncaster, or ather of thame, had, hes or onywayis may haif in and to the samen heretable office, fies and dewties thairof, mailles, fermes, proffitis and commodities of the samen, or ather of thame, conforme to thair richtis, titillis and infeftmentis grauntit to thame thairanent, togidder with all and sindry clauses and conditiounes thairof eftir the forme and tennour of the samen in all poyntis; willing, declairing and ordaning the samen ratificatioun, approbatioun and confirmatioun to be als valed and sufficient in all poyntis to the saidis persounes, or any of thame, thair airis and asigneyis respective, as gif the foirsaid erledome and lordschip of Fyiff, with the haill fies and dewties, mailles, fermes, proffittis and commodities of the samen erledome, lordschip and office of chalmerlanrie thairof generallie and particularlie abovemetionat, had bene dewlie and lawfullie dissolvit fra the croun and disponit in parliament to the foirsaidis persounes, or ather of thame respective, thair aires and assignaes provydit in the saidis infeftmentis, richtis and securities efter the forme and tennour thairof in all poyntis; and ordanes lettres of publicatioun to be direct thairupoun in dew and ampill forme.

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.96r.