Ane uther act in favoures of the said Alexander Cranstoun

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, haveing consideratioun that the paroche kirk of Liggertwode, being of auld ane of the paroche kirkis of the abbacye of Paislay, quhilk abbacye in lang tyme bygane wes erectit in ane temporall lordschip in favoures off umquhile Claud, lord Paislay and his aires, and quhilk kirk of Liggertwode, togidder with the kirklandis of the said parochin of Liggertwode, being ane proper pairt of the patrimonie of the said abbacie of auld and off the said lordschip sen the erectioun wes sensyne resignit in the handis of oure said sovearane lord his hienes commissionaris of this kingdome be umquhile James, earle of Abircorne, procuratour and commissioner for the said umquhile Claud, lord Paislay, his father, in favoures off Alexander Cranstoun of Morestoun and his aires specifit in the said resignatioun, quhairupoun oure said soverane lord hes gevin and grantit to the said Alexander ane infeftment under his hienes gryit seale off the foirsaidis kirklandis of Lidgertwode and paroche kirk thairoff, with the teyndis of the said kirk, baith gryit and small, togidder with the advocatioune, donatioun and right of patronage of the said paroche kirk and parochin of Lidgertwode, personage and viccarage thairoff, (exceptand and reservand to the minister off the said kirk present and to cum the manse and glebe of the said kirk conforme to the act of parliament). And to the effect that the said infeftment may be the more valiable and that the saidis kirklandis and teyndis, gryit and small, togidder with the advocatioune and donatioune of the said paroche kirk, baith personage and viccarage thairoff, (except before exceptit) may remayne perpetuallie with the said Alexander Cranstoun and his aires in all tyme cuming, unquerrellit or impugnit in any soirte, oure said soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis hes ratiefiet, approvin and confermit and, be this present, ratiefies, approvis and confermes the foirsaid infeftment in all and sindrie heidis, poyntis, articles, clauses and circumstances thairoff, and declairis the samene to be ane gude, valiable and sufficient tytill and securitie to the said Alexander and his foirsaidis for bruikeing, joising and possessing of his said landis and teyndis, gryit and small, with the advocatioun, donatioune and right of patronage off the said paroche kirk and parochin of Liggertwode, personage and viccarage thairof, in all tyme cuming, nochtwithstanding of anye law, cannone, civile or municipall, made in the contrair, to the quhilk thir presentis sall mak expres derogatioun. And declairis this present ratificatioun to be als sufficient as gif the said infeftment wer at lenthe insert heirintill word be worde; quhairanent oure said soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis hes dispensit and, be thir presentis, dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.90r-v.