Declaratioun in favouris of utheris borrowis anent the actis grantit in favoures of Edinburgh

My lord commissionar, unto your hieghnes and lordis of articles convenit in this present parliament, humblie meanis and complanes the commissionaris nominat for the royall frie borrowes on ather syide of the water of Forthe upoun the provest, bailyeis and magistrattis of the burgh off Edinburgh, quha, according to thair custumable maner, seiking thair awin advantage, to the hurt and detriment of thair nichtbouris, hes laitlie within thir2 thrie yeiris or thairby purchesit ane new chartour and infeftment under his majesties gryit seale anent the visiting, searcheing, wraking, burneing, gadgeing and marking of barrellis and tries packit with heiring and quhyit fische slayne on uther syiddis of the water off Forthe and remanent sey coistis of the haill realme of Scotland, with full power to the saidis magistrattis of Edinburgh and thair successoures to appoynt visitouris, searcheris and utheris officeris for inbringing and uplifting the haill commoditie and proffite arrysing thairby to the weill and exaltatioun of the said burgh of Edinburgh allanerlie; quhilk chartour, as we ar informit, they intend to have ratiefiet and approvin be your highnes and lordis in this present parliament aganis all equitie and ressoun, in regarde that the said new chartour and liberties contenit thairin is grantit be oure gracious soverane lord tacita et suppressa veritate, and the magistrattis of his majesties frie royall borrowes on ather syid off the said water of Forthe nawayes being callit to the granting thairoff, we haveand speciall entres in the said mater as being gryitumlie prejudgit and hurt thairby. Lyik as be expres and speciall act of parliament haldin at Linlithgow, the tent day off December anno 1585, cap. 14, makand mentioun forsamekle as in the act of parliament laitlie than afore maid anent packeing and peiling of heiring and quhyit fische slayne on ather syid of the wateris of Forthe, it wes prowydit that the saidis fisches suld be brocht to Leithe or Carraill allanerlie, quhilk act wes fund hurtefull and prejudiciall to the remanent frie borrowes and sey poirtes on ather syid off Forthe; thairfore oure said soverane lord and thrie estaittis declairit, statute and ordanit that it salbe leasume to the remanent frie borrowes to have the saidis fisches brocht to everie ane of thame in tyme cuming, alsueill as to the saidis portis of Leith and Craill, nochtwithstanding ony restrictioun maid thairanent maid be the said former act or utherwayes of before, dispensand thairwith for evir as the samen act mair fullie proportis. Lyikas be sindrie former actis of parliament maid be his majestie and be his hienes most noble progenitoures of worthie memorie, King James the Fyift and Quene Marie, the seircharis, markeris and utheris siclyik officeris requysit in that mater ar appoyntit for everie royall frie burgh and sey poirt within thair awin boundis and jurisdictioun, as salbe cleirlie verifiet be the samen particular actis. In consideratioun of the quhilkis premisses, it may pleis your hienes and lordis onnawayes to grant ony ratificatioun or approbatioun in favoures and to the said burgh of Edinburgh of and concerning thair said new chartour, including the priviledgis abovewrittin, to the hurt, prejudice and detriment of ws compleneris, thair nichtbouris, magistrattis and incorporatioun of his majesties frie royall burghes and sey portis on baith the syiddis of the said water off Forthe; bot gif ony ratificatioun be grantit to Edinburgh, that the samen be with expres reservatioun of our rightis and priviledgis, ilkane within our awin territories and jurisdictioun, conforme to the said last act of parliament abovewrittin maide the 10 December 1585. Efter the reiding of the quhilk supplicatioune, the estaittis of parliament declared that whatsumevir ratificatioun be past to the toun of Edinburgh, it salbe with expres reservatioun of the borrowes abovespecifit, thair rightis and priviledgis, ilk ane within thair awin territories and jurisdictiounes conforme to the last act off parliament made the tent day off December 1585.

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.81v-82v.
  2. Written superscript.