Procedure: protest
Protestatioun to the toun off Leithe

We, schipperis of Leith undersubscryveand, for our selffis and in name of the rest of the skipperis and sailleris, inhabitantis of Leith, quha hes the right and proffessioun thir manye yeiris bygane past memorie of man of the right of collectioun and distributioun to the pure, distrest seyfairing people of the prymegilt within the port of Leith, be vertew of his majestie and his predicessouris right under the gryit seall disponit to ws and our predicessouris, protestis that quhatsumevir gift or infeftment is or salbe grantit and purchesit be the burgh of Edinburgh, provest, bailyeis, counsell and communitie therroff, or onye utheris quhatsumevir, off the said prymgilt quhilk is desyrit to be ratiefiet in this present parliament, sall not prejudge our former rightis grantit to ws thairupoun, bot that the samene may be reservit as accoirdis off the law. Lyikas we also protest that na uther right, gift, article or provisioun now to be ratiefiet sall prejudge ws of our rightis, liberties, and priviledgis grantit to ws be his majestie and his predicessoures. And this our protestatioun, we humblie intreat my lord commissioner, his grace, and the remanent honorable estaittis of this parliament to considder, that all ratificatioun of giftis, rightis and dispositiounes prejudiciall to ws may be impeidit.

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.81v.