Act disjonying the pairtis lying within the poirtis of Edinburgh frome Sanctcuthert and Halierudous

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament, considdering that thair is sum pairtis off the burgh of Edinburgh within the poirtes of the samene quhairoff the inhabitantis and induellaris have in tyme bygane bene repute and haldin parochoneris off the paroches of Sanctcuthbertis Churche and Halierudhous, albeit they duelt within the poirtes and jurisdictioun of the said burgh of Edinburgh, and that be the samene divisoun of the inhabitantis of the said burghe frome the ordinarie paroche churches thairoff thair hes occasioun bene gevin in tyme bygane to many insolencies, the inhabitantis of these pairtis thairoff whiche wer of before of the paroche of Sanctcuthbert and Halierudhous not yeilding thair dew obedience to the ordinarie pastoures of the said burgh, bot resorting in tyme of divyne service and at all uther occasiounes to thair saidis severall paroches outwith the jurisdictioun and poirtes of the said burgh, quhilk hes bred gryit disturbance to the policie and discipline of the churche establischit thair and quhairby thair ensewis also hevie domage and hurt to the burgh off Edinburgh, being the cheiff burgh off the kingdome. For remeid heiroff, oure said soverane lord, with advyse and consent off the estaittis of this present parliament, statutes and ordanis that the inhabitantis within the poirtis off the said burgh of Edinburgh sall in all tyme cuming be subject under the governament of the pastures and sessiounes of the churches of the same burgh and astrictit to the discipline thairoff as ordinarie parochoneris of the samene, and thairfore oure said soverane lord and estaittis off parliament hes dismemberit and disjoyned these pairtis of the foirsaid burgh lyand within the poirtis thairoff and quhilkis wer off before of the saidis parochis off Sanct Cuthbertis churches and Halierudhous fra the samen kirkis and parochines off Sanct Cuthbert and Halierudhous, and unitis, annexis and incorporattis the samene to the paroche kirkis of the foirsaid burgh of Edinburgh, to remayne thairwith as ane pairt of the parochines thairoff. And ordanis and appoyntis the inhabitantis of these pairtis off the said burgh now unite thairto to resorte and repair to the paroche kirkis of Edinburgh to be servit thairat proportionallie as they dwell and ly maist ewest and convenient to the saidis kirkis quhairunto they ar now incorporat as thair awin paroche kirkes; and findes, decernis and declairis that the saidis inhabitantis of these pairtes of the said burghe off Edinburghe, now unite to the parochines thairoff, salbe subject to the ordinarie pastures and discipline of the saidis paroche kirkes off the samene burgh as the rest of the inhabitantis of the samen in all tymes heirefter.

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