The lairde of Rentounes protestatione

In presence of my lord commissioner and estaittis of parliament compeirit Johnne Home of Rentoun, heretable proprietar of the landis of Horsley and Grenewode, with all thair teindis includit, all lyand within the baronie of Coldinghame and schirefdome of Beruick, and protestit that the dissolutioun of the priorie of Coldinghame, haill landis, kirkes and teyndis thairof made in this present parliament and erectioun and dispositioun thairoff in favoures of Johnne Stewart, sone to umquhile Frances, sumtyme erle of Bothuell, suld nawayes be hurtfull nor prejudiciall to the said Johnne Home of Rentoun, his infeftmentis, rightis, tytillis and utheris securities made to him and his prediceisouris of the saidis landis and teyndis includit, and to umquhile George, earle of Dunbar, his author of the samene, bot that the same may remayne to him and thame gude and valide in thame selffis, nochtwithstanding of the said dissolutioun and erectione of the said pryourie made in favouris of the said Johnne Stewart as said is. And the said Johnne Stewart, being present with Maister Lues Stewart, his procuratour, protestit in the contrair.

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