Ratificatione to the Bischope of Dumblane off his infeftment of Kinnuchare

Oure soverane lord and estaittis off this present parliament, for diverse gude causes moveing his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis and for the gude, trew and thankfull service done to his majestie be ane reverend father in God, Adame, bischope of Dumblane, ratiefies and apprevis the chartour, donatioun and concessioun thairin conteanit with the precept of seasing insert in the samene made, gevin and grantit be umquhile George, archebischope of Sanctandros, with consent of the cheptour of the metrapolitane kirk of the said archibischoprik, to the said Adame, bischope of Dumblane, thairin designit Maister Adame Bellenden of Kilconquhar, persoun of Falkirk, his aires maill and assigneyis, off all and haill the landis and [...] of Kilconquhar, with the loche thairoff and fischeingis of the samen loche, with libertie and priviledge of ane yeirlie frie fair upoun the third day of Maii in the toun off Kilconquhar, with all toillis, custumes and priviledgis of the samene fair, all and haill the landis of Pitcorthie, the landis of Balgrommo, the landis off Cauldcoittis and the landis of Kilmukes, with all and sindrie toures, fortalices, maner places, milnes, milnelandis, multouris and sequellis thairoff, woddis, fischeingis, tennentis, tenandries, service of frie tennentis, advocatioun and donatioun off benefices and chaplanries off the same, pairtis, pendicles and all thair pertinentis quhatsumevir lyand within the regalitie of Sanctandros and schirefdome of Fyiff, to be haldin of the said umquhile George, archebischope of Sanctandros and his successouris for the yeirlie payment off service of warde and releiff quhen it salhappin, and off the soume of sex merkis usuall moniez of the realme of Scotland at tua termes in the yeir, Witsonday and Mertimes in winter, be equall portiounes in name of kayne, with commoun sute in the courtis of the said regalitie of Sanctandros to be haldin at the citie off Sanctandros yeirlie, and for the foirsaid libertie off the saidis fairis, with toillis, custumes and priviledgis thairoff, off the soume of threttie schillingis money foirsaid at the saidis termes allanerlie; be the quhilk chartour the warde and nonentres of the landis and utheris foirsaidis ar taxt yeirlie to the soume of ane hunderethe thriescore thrie pundis and the mariage of the air to the soume of tua hundereth and aucht pundis of the date at Leith, the secund day of Juli, jM vjC and nyne yeiris, with the instrument of seasing following thairupoun, in all and sindrie poyntis, articles, clausses and conditiounes thairin conteanit, efter the forme and tennour thairof. Lyikas his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis declaires that this present ratificatioun of the said chartour and instrument of seasing following thairupoun is and salbe als valide, effectuall and sufficient in all respectis as gif the samene chartour and instrument of seasing abovementionat wer at lenthe insert heirintill, nochtwithstanding the not inserting of the samene, quhairanent his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis hes dispensit and, be thir presentis, dispensses for evir. And lyikwayes his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis declairis the foirsaid chartoure, precept of sasing thairin contenit and instrument of seasing following thairupoun with this present ratificatioun thairoff to be gude, valide and sufficient rightis and titles to the said Adame, bischope of Dumblane, his aires maill, assigneyis and successoures in the saidis landis, for bruiking and joising off the samen landis and utheris foirsaidis, with the foirsaidis priviledgis and liberties of frie fairis and taxting of the said wairde and mariage, and with all uther priviledgis and liberties thairin contenit as thair awin proper heretage at thair plesour in tyme cuming; but prejudice to Schir William Scott of his rightis and possessioun off the landis and baronie of Ardros and loch abovementionat adjacent thairto; as also to Maister Alexander Gibsoun of his landis of Balgrummo and the laird of Balcarhous of his rightis to the landis of Pitcorthie and patronage of the kirk of Kilconquhare, all quhilkis rightis ar nawayes to be prejudgit be this present act as accordis of the law.

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.60v-61r.