Procedure: instructions to lords of the articles

The quhilk day also the lordis ordanes the haill estaitis to awaitt in the toun of Edinburgh quhill the end of this present parliament, and ordanes the lordis of articlis to meit everie day in the inner hous off the tolbuith of Edinburgh att ten houres in the morning, thair to treat and deliberat upoune sik thingis as salbe proponit in articles.

The lord commissionar and the foirsaidis lordis of articles, with the saidis officeris of estait, satt daylie and ilk day within the over tolbuith of Edinburgh quhair the lordis sittis for administratioun of justice, advysand upoune the articlis quhilkis wer presentit in parliament fra the said twentie fyft day of Julii to the fourt day of August in the samen yeir of God jM vjC twentie ane yeiris; upoun the quhilk fourt day off August the said commissionar, with the haill estaitis of parliament, concludit the said parliament in maner following:

  1. NAS, PA2/20, f.5r.
  2. NAS, PA2/20, f.5r.