Ratificatioun to the Lord Colvill off Culros

Oure soverane lord, with advise and consent of the estaittis off this present parliament, haveing sene and considderit the infeftment maid, gevin be his majestye under his hienes gryit seall of the date the tuentye day of Januare, the yeir of God jM vjC and nyne yearis to his hienes right traist cousing James, lord Colvill off Culros, namit thairin Schir James Colvill of Easterweymis, knicht, his airis maill and assigneyis heretablie off all and haill the lordschip and baronye off Culros, alsueill temporalitie as spiritualitie off the same, with all landis, kirkis, teyndis, fructis, rentis and utheris particularlie and generalie specifit thairin, and of the dissolutioun thairoff fra the croun and off the erectioun thairoff in ane temporall lordschip and baronie; and being ryiplie advysit thairwith, his majestye and estaittis foirsaidis hes ratefiet and approvin and be thir presentis ratefies and apprevis the said infeftment in the haill heiddis, clauses, articles, conditiounes and circumstances quhatsumevir specifit2 and conteanit thairin, and haill contentis thairoff, decerning and ordaning the generalitie heiroff to be als guid, valide and effectuall as gif the said infeftment wer at lenth word be word insert heirin, dispensand thairanent be thir presentis; and als declairing and ordaning the said James, lord Colvill, his airis maill and successoures to have the undouttit right to the foirsaidis landis and lordschip of Culros, bath temporalitie and spiritualitie thairoff, in all tyme cuming, to be bruikit and josit be thame efter the forme and tennour of the said infeftment in all poyntes. And for thair bettir securitie, his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis hes of new dissolvit, annullit and infringit and be the tennour heiroff annulles, dissolvis and infringis the said generall annexatioune of the kirklandis of this realme to the croun in swa far as it may be extendit to the temporalitie of the said abbacie off Culros; and ordanis ane new infeftment to be maid and gevin off the samen to the said James, lord Colvill of Culros, his airis maill and successoures heretablie, to be extendit in maist ample forme with all clauses necessar.

  1. NAS, PA2/19, f.31r-v.
  2. Written superscript.