Ratification to the Erle of Home

Our soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, considdering that his majestie and estaittis of parliament be ane speciall act of the date at Edinburgh, the ellevint day of August, the yeir of God jM vjC and sevin yeiris, dissolvit the haill temporall landis of the abbacie of Kelso and cell of Lesmahago fra his majesties croun with the haill kirkis and teindis off the samen, to the effect the samen might be erected in ane temporall lordschip in favoures of his hienes traist cousing Robert, than lord Roxburgh and now erle of Roxburgh, conforme to the quhilk dissolutioun infeftment thairefter followed in favoures of the said Earle of Roxburgh, in the quhilk act of dissolutioun and infeftment following thairupoun thair is speciall exceptioun of the landis, kirkis and teindis following in favouris of his hienes traist cousigne Alexander, earle of Home, viz: the landis and mylne of Fogo, with thair pertinentis, the manis of Bogend, with the tour and fortalice of the samen, the kirklandis of Mellerstanes, the kirklandis off Home and the kirklandis of Gordoun lyand within the schirefdome off Beruick, and kirklandis off Nenthorne, with the threttie schilling land of Newtoun lyand within the bailyerie off Lauderdaill; and siclyik exceptand the kirkis of Home, Gordone and Fogo, personages and viccarages thairoff. And his majestie and estaittis, willing that the said Alexander, erle of Home, according to the tennour of the said exceptioun, sall bruike and jois and posses the saidis landis, kirkis and teyndis haldin immediatlie of his majestie in all tyme coming, hes ratefiet and approvin and be thir presentis ratefies and approvis the said act of dissolutioun and exceptioun conteanit in the same; and farder be thir presentis hes dissolvit and dissolvis the foirsaidis landis, kirkis and teindis fra his majesties croun and all annexatiounes maid thairanent and als fra the patrimonye of the said abbay of Kelso, to the effect the samen may be of new disponit2be his majestie to his said traist cousing, his airis maill and successoures, to be haldin of his majestie for payment of siclyik dewtie as it sall pleis his hienes to dispone the samen, with this provisioun: that the foirsaidis kirkis and ilkane of thame be planted conforme to the commissione of planting of kirkis.

  1. NAS, PA2/19, f.25v.
  2. Followed by deleted 'of new'.