A commissione for keiping of justice courtes

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament, considdering the gryit abuses and delayis susteaned be his hienes liegis in persute of criminall causes before the justice and his deputtis in tyme bygane, and being maist willing to redres and amend the samen swa that justice heirefter may be equallie ministrat with expeditioun conforme to reasone and lawes of this realme, thairfore oure soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis hes gevin and grantit, lyik as be the tennoure heiroff gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to Alexander, earle Dumfermeling, lord chancelar, Jhonne, earle of Mar, thesaurer, Thomas, lord Bynning, secretar, Schir Williame Oliphant, advocate, Schir Jhonne Cokburne, justice clerk, Maister Thomas Hope and Maister Thomas Nicolsone, advocattis, (or to ony fyve of thame conjunctlie, the saidis chancelar and secretare being alwayis tua of the fyve) to consult, conclude and put in wreate all sick goode ordoure, solide lawes and constitutiounes for proceding and doing justice to all pairties in persute and defence before the criminall judge and his deputtis in all criminall causes, quhairby goode and summer justice may be done and observed to all his hienes liegis without long delayes and extraordiner expensses; and decernis and declairis quhatsumevir ordoures of procedure, lawes and constitutiounes the foirsaidis commissioneris, or onye fyve of thame as said is, sall prescryve and sett doun to be observed in that court, the samyne sall stand as ane perpetuall law and have the strenthe, force and effect of ane act of parliament in all tyme cuming, siclyik and in the samen maner as gif the samen ordoures, constitutiounes and lawes had bene expreslie adwysit, sett doun and concludit in this present parliament.

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