A commissione for heretable offices

Oure soverane lord, continewing in that purpois and resolutioun brede in his royall heart in his young yearis for making of offices of judicatorye in this kingdome as they ar in all weill governed staittis, imploymentis for men furnischit with giftis suittable to the dignitie and gravitie of the places quhairby manye abuses may be takin away, quhilkis in heretable offices of that kynd cannot be avoyded, the rightis thairoff falling oft tymes to wemen, to childrene or to men quha nather can discharge the place nor mak chois of sufficient deputtis; and yit his majestie, remaning constant in that course of myildnes and moderatioun so familiar to him, and being unwilling to tak the saidis offices frome the present possessoures thairoff quha and thair predicessoures have bruikit the samen monye yearis as thair inheritance without guid and competent satisfactioun to be gevin to thame be thair awin consent, haithe thairfore, with advyise of the estaittis of this present parliament, gevin and grantit and, be vertew of this present act, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to Jhonne, archibischope of Sanctandros, Andro, bischope of Breichin, Jhonne, earle of Montrois, Thomas, lord Bynning, David, lord Scone, David, lord Carnegye, Schir George Hay, clerk of register, Schir Williame Oliphant, his hienes advocat, Schir Gedeoun Murray, thesaurer depute, and Schir Williame Seytoun of Kyilismure, knight, or to ony of thame, to travell and deall with the haill heretable schirreffis, stewartis and bailyeis within this kingdome anent the surrender of the saidis offices in his majestyes handis, and anent ane competent satisfactioun in honoure and utherwayis to be gevin to thame for the samene, and to mak ane faithfull repoirte to his majestie of thair procedingis thairin.

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