Procedure: question and royal declaration concerning number of officers of state in parliament

The quhilk day, ane questioun being moved to his majestie anent the number of officeris off estate quha wer to have place and vote in parliament and in the articles, efter that the clerk of register had schawin out of the registeris of many parliamentis preceding that they have bene sum tymes mae and at uther tymes fewar nor eight, his sacred majestie, for making the number certane in all tyme heirefter, wes gratiouslie pleasit to declare that in this and all parliamentis heirefter thair suld be na mae of the saidis officeris of estate quha suld sitt and have place and woit in parliament and articles bot onlie eight sett down and thair successouris in thair places; and gif at onie tyme heirefter thair suld be anye mae off the saidis officeris of estate nor eight employed in the executioun of the saidis offices be deputatioun, divisioun or utherwayes quhatsumevir, yit na mae suld have place and voite in this and all parliamentis heirefter bot eight allanerlie.

  1. NAS, PA2/19, f.3r.