Ratificatioun in favouris of Williame Nisbit of his infeftment of the Deane and pultre land

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ratifies, apprevis and perpetuallie confermis the twa chartouris respective underwrittin, viz: the ane thairof maid and grantit be his majestie under his hienes great seall, with consent of his hienes thesaurar for the tyme, to and in favours of his majesties lovit Williame Nisbet of Deane, his airis maill and assignais quhatsomevir, off all and sindrie the landis and utheris underwrittin, to witt, off all and haill the landis of Deane, with the corne and walk mylnis thairof, mylnelandis, multouris and sequelis of the same, all and haill the mure callit the Hyeland More, being proper part and pertinent of the samyn landis of Deane, lyand within the boundis, methis and marches efterspecifeit, viz: betuix the landis of Ravilstoun on the west and north partis, and the proper arable landis of Deane on the eist and sowith partes, with all and sindrie thair houses, biggingis, yardis, orchardis, dowcattis, fischingis, owtsettis, annexis, connexis, tennentis, tenandris, service of fre tennentis, partis, pendicles and pertinentis of the samyn landis and utheris foirsaidis quhatsomevir, lyand within the schirefdome of Edinburgh and neir the burgh thairof, quhilkis ar unitt and erectit in ane fre baronie callit the baronie of Deane, to be haldin of oure soverane lord and his successours be service of ward and releif, with the mariage quhen it suld happin; quhilk ward, nonentres, releif and mariage is taxt be the said chartour to the sowmes of money following, viz: the said ward and nonentres yeirlie to the sowme of fouretye merkis, and the said mariage to the sowme of fyve hundreth markis, as the said charter of the dait at his hienes court of Roistoun, the twenty sex day of Aprile, the yeir of God ane thowsand sex hundreth and ten yeris, at mair lenth beris; and the uther of the saidis chartours maid and grantit be his majestie under his hienes great seill, with consent of his majesties thesaurar for the tyme, to the said Williame Nisbet and Jonet Williamesoun, his spous, the langest levar of thame twa in conjunctfie, and to the airis maill lauchfullie gottin or to have bene gottin betuix thame, quhilkis failyeing, to the narrest and lauchfull airis maill of the said William Nisbet and his assignais quhatsomevir, off all and haill the landis of pulterlandis, with sequelis, pasturage of guidis and thair pertinentis lyand in and besyde the towne of Deane and of auld within the schirefdome of Linlithgow, and now naturalie and localie lyand within the said schirefdome of Edinburgh and neir the said burgh thairof, togidder with the office of his hienes pultre, to be ministred and exerted be the said William Nisbet, his airis maill foirsaidis and thair deputis in all tymecuming, to be haldin of oure said soverane lord and his successouris in fre blensche, fie and heritage for evir, for the yeirlie payment of the sowme of fyve schillingis usuall money of this realme of Scotland at the feist of Witsounday upoun the ground of the saidis landis and service of the said office of pultrie in name of blensche ferme, gif it beis askit allanerlie, as the samyn chartoure of the dait at Edinburgh, the first day of November, the yeir of God ane thowsand sex hundreth and ten yeris foirsaid, mair fullie proportis, in all and sindrie pointis, passes, headis, articles, clauses and conditiones quhatsomevir contenit in the infeftmentis respective abonewrittin, and ayther of thame efter the formes and tennouris thairof, togidder with all and sindrie uther infeftmentis, richtis and securities quhatsomevir maid to the said Williame Nisbet and his authors off the landis and utheris abonespecifeit with thair pertinentis or ony part thairof; lykeas his hienes and estaittis foirsaidis declairis that this present generall ratificatioun salbe als sufficient as gif the saidis infeftmentis, richtis and securiteis war at lenth ingrost in this present act. And further, oure said soverane lord and esttaittis of this present parliament statuttis, decernis, declaris and ordanis that the twa particular infeftmentis abonewrittin, of the daittis respective abonespecifeit, with the preceptis and instrumentis of seasing following thairupoun, ar and salbe gude, valide, lauchfull and effectuall richtis and securities to the said William Nisbet, his said spous and thair foirsaidis for bruiking and joysing off the landis, baronie and utheris abonespecifeit thairin contenit, with thair pertinentis, conforme to the tennouris thairof, as thair heritage in all tyme cuming, ordaning to extend ane act of parliament heirupoun, and to insert at lenth thairintill the infeftmentis respective foirsaidis in the mair forme.

  1. NAS, PA2/18, f.18r.