Ratificatioun in favours of Maister Thomas Hoip, advocat

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament ratifies and approvis the charter of alienatioun and venditioun maid be Andro Edmonstoun of that Ilk, Marie Gordoun, his spous, and Johnne Edmonstoun, his eldest sone, to Maister Thomas Hoip, advocat, and Johnne Hoip, his sonne, heritablie, off all and haill the landis and manis of Edmonstoun, with the maner place thairof, and of the landis of Cauldcoittis, houses, biggingis and haill pertinentis of the same, to be haldin of his hienes dearest spous Anna, be the grace of God, quene of Great Britane, France and Ireland, as Ladye Dunfermling, in fewfirme and heritage, for payment of the few deweties thairin contenit as principall, and of the thrid part landis and mylne of Nudry Marschell, to be haldin of his majestie as superioure thairof in warrandice and securitie of the saidis landis of Cauldcoittis, quhilk charter is of the dait the twentye nyne and first dayes of Maii and Junii respective, the yeir of God ane thowsand sex hundreth and twelf yeris, togidder with the contract of alienatioun of the samyn landis, to the quhilk the said charter is relative in the haill headis, articlis, clauses, provisionis and conditiones thairin contenit. And his majestie and estaites foirsaidis, be the tennoure heirof, gevis thair expres consent and assent to the confirmatioun of the said charter of alienatioun or to quhatsomevir new giftis and new infeftmentis of the saidis landis of Edmonstoun and Cauldcoittis, with the maner place and pertinentis thairof, to be grantit be the quenis majestie to the said Maister Thomas Hoip and his said sonne, thair airis and assignais, and now as than and than as now approvis, allowis and confirmis the samyn in the haill clauses, circumstances and conditiones thairof, but prejudice alwayes to the said Andro Edmonstoun of that Ilk, his airis and assignais, of the richt [of]2 redemptioun of the saidis landis competent to thame be vertew of the reversioun or reversiones, ane or ma, maid, seillit and subscrivit be the said Maister Thomas and his said sonne in thair favours efter the forme and tennoure thairof.

  1. NAS, PA2/18, f.10v.
  2. APS interpolation.